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Orbital Bottle Washing Machine
Item No: BAL-3001
Dimension of Main Machine: L x W x H
140cm x 52cm x 120cm (4'7" x 1'8.5" x 3'11")
Net Weight of Main Machine: 85 kg (188 lbs)
Power Supply: 110V 50/60 Hz
Equipment Needed: Air compressor with 1 horsepower or above
  • Washing speed: 1800 bottles per hour (average 30 bottles per minute).
  • Applicable bottle-size height 2.5cm ~ to 22cm, diameter (either side) 1cm ~ 9cm.
  • Effective washing and drying are done via multidirectional water flow followed by high pressure air to immediately blow dry bottles.
  • Rapid washing works in straight track while oval orbiting gives deep cleaning to bottles of different shapes.
  • Special designed mold allows for fast and easy changing.
  • Utilize top grade stainless steel and alloy for all major parts.
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