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Computerized Quantitative Filling Machine
Item No: BAL-2001
Dimension of Main Machine: L x W x H
48cm x 42cm x 25cm (1'7" x 1'5" x 10'')
Net Weight of Main Machine: 29 kg (64 lbs)
Power Supply: Monophase 220V 50/60 HZ
Hopper Size: 15 liter
Cart: Optional

  • Filling capacity ranges from 0.125 ml up to 1000 ml per fill.
  • Capable of handling wet materials with viscosity from 0 up to 100,000 cp.
  • Filling speed ranges from 3 ml up to 60 ml per second.
  • Computerized control system, digitalized setting of parameters, LCD display, and AC servomotor make filling job complete with top quality and accuracy.
  • Peristaltic pump adopted ensures zero percent material transformation during process.
  • Patent designed Suck Back function ensures no dripping for each fill.
  • Medical/food grade pump pipe guarantees contamination-free transmission.
  • Top grade industrial stainless steel (no. 306) is utilized for all major parts and accessories.
  • Different sized filling pipe heads are designed and provided to fill bottles of small sized openings with ease.
  • Intake hoses, with strengthened texture, are supplied to suck liquid type materials from containers other than the hopper.
  • Interchangeable usage of "Auto", "Manual", and "Pedal" functions optimizes production.
  • Connecting with conveyance equiment completely achieves automatic process and labor saving.
  • 10 minutes effortless cleaning procedure totally eliminates excess labor. Suitable for pharmacy, foods and cosmetics quantitative dispensation.
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